media planning and buying

CustomerMining builds and implements media programs that consistently meet or exceed industry standards and campaign objectives.

Good media programs are based on marketing strategy and goals. Key elements include:

We know media:

Broadcast campaigns create broad-based awareness for services and products. Radio and television programs are developed based on an analysis of reach of desired demographic and program options.

Direct Response programs are developed based on an ability to reach target audience with a compelling, actionable offer and usually employ a high level of targetting and tracking.

Online campaigns provide a high level of targeting and tracking. Campaign buys can be opt-in emails, newsletters, keywords, sponsorship opportunities, run of site, and/or specific positions.

Pay per click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC) programs are a key component of generating website traffic so that your website has an opportunity to convert visitors into sales leads.

Print campaigns take into account editorial focus of vehicle, target audience delivery, and competitive ad environment.