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CustomerMining combines business savvy, marketing expertise, and effective media planning to design, implement, track, and analyze customer marketing programs.

We're not your "standard" agency. No bloated plans. No unnecessary layers of account management. No exorbitant program fees.

Just simply and expertly built marketing campaigns focused on your objectives and ROI goals. Customized programs designed around YOUR customer. Targeted tactics developed to create a path to YOUR business products and services.

We have no creative design or technology integration services, nor will we ever. We bring the focused skill set of proven marketing and media services. You supply the creative and an ability to manage response. Together, we achieve your customer marketing objectives.

CustomerMining also acts as a capabilities partner to creative and technology solutions providers adding a focused skill set to complement our partners' interactive solutions team. Our business model is designed to partner effectively with businesses to extend your service offerings.

Marketing strategy and research

We specialize in defining comprehensive, integrated marketing strategies which include a customer response program, actionable reporting, and insightful analysis.

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Media planning and buying

We know media. We build and implement media programs that consistently meet or exceed industry standards and campaign objectives.

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Lead generation

We work with clients to identify the target audience and build lead generation programs which result in new prospects and customers.

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Website optimization

We believe that managing a site's prominence is one of the best and most economical ways for clients to drive traffic to their sites.

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